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Photovoltaics from Schüco; solar generation of electricity for a variety of uses

Schüco supplies photovoltaic systems and individual components for a variety of uses from a single source - for family homes or large installations. The Schüco complete range allows installation of conventional grid-connected systems, grid-connected backup systems and self-sufficient systems. We offer maximum quality, simple installation and excellent value for money.

Schüco is one of the leading providers of photovoltaics (PV) in Europe. Our expertise in building-integrated photovoltaics is unique worldwide.

Schüco crystalline PV modules and installation options

All Schüco PV modules combine high performance values, longlasting quality and comprehensive performance guarantees into a robust, comprehensive package. The Schüco mounting system MSE 210 offers maximum flexibility during installation and is also particularly easy to use with a minimum of individual components. The OneTurn connections used quick and secure installation. Perfectly sized units are available for all structural requirements.


Premium PV modules and installation options

Schüco PV modules in the premium series are characterised by uncompromising quality, individual installation options and a particularly elegant design.The Premium mounting system MSE 500 permits six installation types to be implemented with almost unlimited freedom for individual design.


Photovoltaic modules

Photovoltaic modules convert incidental sunlight into electric current - without mechanical wear. The consistently high yields that are generated using a Schüco module highlight the extremely high quality standards of our company, particularly since almost all PV systems are in investment projects.



The quality and efficiency of an inverter is crucially important for the yields of a PV installation. For this reason, Schüco has developed its own range of inverters with and without transformers. As well as the Schüco inverters, products from other leading suppliers are also available.


Self-sufficient systems

Current from PV systems can be used to ensure energy supply independently from the mains supply. The solar power generated is either used directly or stored in rechargable batteries. The direct current generated can be converted using an inverter to enable the use of conventional alternating current devices.


Schüco Façade Module ProSol TF

60 years of technological leadership and consolidated metal fabrication and solar expertise come together in the new-to-market Schüco ProSol TF. By combining sustainable photovoltaic thin-film technology with tried-and-tested Schüco façade systems, Schüco ProSol TF opens up new possibilites for solar architecture, and sets new standards of efficiency and design.