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Energy efficiency with solar shading

Active solar shading and anti-glare protection can make an important contribution to energy saving in modern private and commercial buildings, whilst simultaneously improving the well-being of its occupants. Intelligent control systems ensure comfort and maximum benefits:

Solar shading: key features

  • Reduction in cooling energy due to protection against overheating
  • Artificial light is replaced by controlled daylight management
  • Solar energy yields from integrated photovoltaic modules
  • Easy operation per radio control
  • Central control saves energy and offers comfort in the workplace
  • Manual operation for individual comfort
  • Project-based emergency exit solutions with high level of product reliability

Both solar shading large louvre blades and external blinds with new design can be integrated flexibly and systematically into the building envelope, and function as an integral part of the façade design.

Large louvre systems

The Schüco large louvre blade systems offer effective solar shading without impairing the view in any way. Whether daylight control or shading, manual or automatic control - with Schüco large louvre blades, façade and solar shading melt into one to form a single harmonious unit.


Sliding Shutter Systems

The Schüco sliding shutter system ALB (Aluminium Louvre Blades) provides ideal screening and solar shading for windows in homes and offices alike. The aluminium folding shutters can be raised and lowered along tracks. Single vent and multi-vent systems can operate on single or double tracks.