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A leader in system supported construction innovation, Schueco supplies components for the entire building envelope. 

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Windows characterise the appearance and form of projects perhaps more than any other component. Here, the name Schüco stands for sophisticated, proven system technology combined with a variety of materials, design and application options.



Schüco Doors stand for variety and flexibility in materials, design and application and are available in aluminium and steel. This makes it possible to find the corresponding material for every building envelope.


Sliding systems

Folding / sliding doors from Schüco are impressive on account of their versatility. As transparent transitions or discreet room dividers, they add emphasis in indoor areas - or they create generous gateways to the outside. Features, design and technology are, of course, at the highest level, and offer everything you could wish for.



Even with additional security, there is no need to forego aesthetic appeal or custom design options. Schüco offers security that lies concealed, in order to prevent life-threatening situations and damage to property.



There are many high demands placed on a building façade - the interface between inside and outside - in terms of energy, security, automation and design. Schüco offers a variety of intercompatible systems and technologies to fulfil these important functions.



Schüco conservatories make it possible to live in harmony with nature - irrespective of seasons and weather conditions. Schüco's high quality conservatory constructions are available in aluminium and steel. A wide range of opening types is also available.


Metal Fabrication Machines

Everything from a single source: Machines, profile systems, software, service and hotline. By holistic thinking in complete systems Schüco is your competent partner for the continuous success in the market.


Surface treatment

The surface finish has evolved from its original purpose of protecting mill-finish aluminium surfaces to become a distinctive design feature. The surface finish combines aesthetic appeal with the requisite protection.


S.A.F.E Accreditation

Leading building envelope and solar products specialist, Schueco UK Limited, have launched a new training and acceditation scheme to standardise the design and installation of their Fire products range. The Schueco Approved Fire Specialist (S.A.F.E) certification is awarded to those fabricators who have completed the comprehensive Fire Training course and have shown a competence in the Design, Fabrication and Installation in Schueco products.

For further information or a list of Fabricators who meet this criteria please contact