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SMA inverters for every performance category

Comprehensive portfolio for every application

SMA is one of the leading providers of inverters in the market. The portfolio of the SunnyBoy and SMC inverters, consisting of 19 different models, with and without transformer, offers the right solution in various performance classes for every application. SMA inverters can provide readout via RS485, bluetooth or radio interfaces.

With multi-string inverters SB 4000TL and SB 5000TL, two module strings of different lengths and different module types are possible. Wireless transfer of data to the Sunny WebBox and the Sunny Beam can be achieved using the series-integrated bluetooth interface. Inverters in the SMC series provide peak efficiency with over 98%, thanks to the H5 circuit topology.

Optimum safety in operation and installation

The SMA grid guard, a mains interface that can be used worldwide, and the integrated electronic DC isolator switch mean that SMA inverters can be operated worldwide.

OptiCool® cooling concept

The cooling concept of SB 3300 and SB 3800, as well as the complete SMC series, combines passive and active cooling for high temperature loading, performance capability and long service life.


SMA also provides a comprehensive communications range: data logger in different designs for Sunny Boy Control or Sunny WebBox. The Sunny Portal can be used in conjunction with a WebBox on the Internet. In smaller PV systems, data can be transferred via remote control.

Key features of the SMA inverters

  • Safe mains operation and easy installation
  • Multi-string inverters for different module strings
  • SMC series with over 98 % efficiency due to new circuit configuration
  • The OptiCool® cooling concept for high loading capacity and long service life
  • Comprehensive communications range