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Schüco heat pumps

The modern heat pumps from Schüco are a high-quality alternative to conventional heating systems. They can completely replace oil, gas or wood pellet heating systems in renovation or newbuild projects.

Heat pump start-ups and its operating hours are reduced by solar coupling with priorty circuits for solar outputs. This increases the coefficient of performance and the durability of the heat pump and at the same time reduces electricity consumption.

Schüco Air source heat pump WPSol 300

A Schüco air source heat pump and two Schüco collectors will provide enough domestic hot water for up to 4 people.


Schüco Air/water heat pump HPSol V

A Schüco air/water heat pump can replace your existing or planned conventional heating system. Air/water heat pumps are suitable for use in any area of Germany and do not require planning permission.


Schüco Brine/water heat pump HPSol

The HPSol brine/water heat pump is a heat pump installed indoors to heat a building and domestic hot water, optimised for connecting the brine circuit to a solar installation. It combines high level efficiency with independence from fossil fuels.


Schüco Heat pump accessories

Schüco provides the appropriate accessories for the heat pumps for optimum complete systems. Hydraulic groups, heating circuit distributors and passive cooling stations are the ideal complements to Schüco heat pumps.