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Product overview


Windows characterise the appearance and form of projects perhaps more than any other component. Here, the name Schüco stands for sophisticated, proven system technology combined with a variety of materials, design and application options.



Schüco Doors stand for variety and flexibility in materials, design and application and are available in aluminium, steel and PVC-U. This makes it possible to find the corresponding material for every building envelope.


Folding / sliding systems

Folding / sliding doors from Schüco are impressive on account of their versatility. As transparent transitions or discreet room dividers, they add emphasis in indoor areas - or they create generous gateways to the outside. Features, design and technology are, of course, at the highest level, and offer everything you could wish for.



Schüco offers a variety of systems, which allow even the most innovative façade concepts to be realized supremely well architecturally. The extensive range of profile systems from Schüco and Schüco Jansen Steel Systems allows the conceptual design of a wide variety of façades - in aluminium or steel.



Even with additional security, there is no need to forego aesthetic appeal or custom design options. Schüco offers security that lies concealed, in order to prevent life-threatening situations and damage to property.



There are many high demands placed on a building façade - the interface between inside and outside - in terms of energy, security, automation and design. Schüco offers a variety of intercompatible systems and technologies to fulfil these important functions.


Balconies & Balustrades

Schüco balconies create more living comfort and an additional space in the open. You will be impressed by the wide range of designs and, above all, optimum system compatibility. Built-on balconies, balcony extensions, cantilever or stacked balcones - with Schüco balcones, everything is possible.



Schüco conservatories make it possible to live in harmony with nature - irrespective of seasons and weather conditions. Schüco's high quality conservatory constructions are available in aluminium and steel. A wide range of opening types is also available.


Solar shading

Active solar shading and anti-glare protection can make an important contribution to energy saving in modern private and commercial buildings, whilst simultaneously improving the well-being of its occupants. Intelligent control systems ensure comfort and maximum benefits.


Heat pump

Schüco has developed its own systems which perfectly combine the benefits of a heat pump with solar heating. The solar energy system provides domestic hot water; Schüco develops its own systems that perfectly combine the benefits of a heat pump with solar thermal.


Schüco supplies photovoltaic systems and individual components for a variety of uses from a single source - for family homes or large installations. The Schüco complete range allows installation of conventional grid-connected systems, grid-connected backup systems and self-sufficient systems.

Solar cooling

Solar cooling from Schüco uses the sun as a primary source of energy. Up to 98 % of the energy required for the cooling unit with thermal compressor is covered by solar energy. Since the greatest demand for cooling occurs at the same time as the strongest irradiation, the cooling of buildings is an ideal application for solar energy.

Mounting systems

Schüco installation systems offer unique variety and are suitable for implementing individual requirements. The Premium system alone offers six different installation options. Special solutions can also be created on request, like the integration of solar units in a skylight construction or balcony panelling.

Surface treatment

The surface finish has evolved from its original purpose of protecting mill-finish aluminium surfaces to become a distinctive design feature. The surface finish combines aesthetic appeal with the requisite protection.