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Front doors - Welcome home!

Your entrance door is key to the overall impression your house makes and the focal point of your façade. The right combination of door frame, infill panel and handle is essential to a well-balanced overall impression. This is why Schüco provides a wide range of products all of which will satisfy your requirements in terms of design, fitting, quality and, of course, functionality.

More than just an entrance

Whether your doors complement the design of your façade or you wish them to contrast strongly with the façade, perhaps by means of an unusual design or additional units such as top lights or integrated light, Schüco offers you a large number of options with which to turn your front door into a real eye-catching feature.

Designs and colours make all the difference

There is a wide range of basic shapes available. You can therefore choose between, for example, single and double-leaf versions, with or without side and centre sections or toplight. There is almost no limit to what can be achieved.
A wide range of colours and a broad spectrum of different door infills offer countless additional possibilities. So you can decide whether infills should be used over the whole area, i.e. across the entire door leaf, or only accentuated. The wide range of different infill units, such as decorative frames, applications, glass or cassettes, offer you the necessary creative freedom and imbue your front door with you own individual style.

Utilise the whole surface

For renovation projects, the leaf-enclosing infills are preferred. This is because in the past doors were measured rather on the narrow side and a simple infill, which uses the seal to achieve a visual barrier between the frame and the infill, creates a narrowing effect by today's standards. The advantage of a leaf-enclosing infill is that the entire door area is used for the infill look, making the door larger and more elegant.

The preferred choice: aluminium

Most front doors in Germany are made of aluminium, partly because this material allows an elegant appearance with good static values, even with large constructions, and also because of its brilliantly smooth operation and wide choice of colours.
As doors are subject to greater stress than e.g. windows, the durability of aluminium also contributes to a long service life.

Just as important as design: functionality

Naturally, thermal insulation and security requirements are just as high as for other apertures. Schüco is able to offer the right solutions: e.g. with gaskets which lower automatically when the doors are shut and therefore seal the space between the door and the floor, preventing unwanted drafts from reaching the interior. In addition, special profiles and infill panels also ensure optimum thermal insulation performance.
Likewise there is no need to compromise on security. Front doors can be equipped with a wide range of security units: from the Schüco SafeMatic automatic security lock to multi-point locks with claw bolts, security infill panels and profile cylinders to restrictors and security bolts - all of which guarantee that you feel completely secure in your own home. A nice feeling - with Schüco!

Technology for your wellbeing

Convenient features like automatic opening and closing mechanisms are now also available for front doors. Of especial note here is the fingerprint reader, which can store and evaluate the distinctive characteristics of a finger, ensuring that only authorised visitors are granted entry. Simply pass your finger over the sensor and the door is released. What could be simpler? Hunting around for your keys is now a thing of the past.

Or open the doors with a single click on the remote control. You are certainly already familiar with this remote control system on your car. It ensures that it is easy for you to enter your home, even when you are heavily laden. Making dreams reality - with innovative Schüco products!

For more information, contact your local Schüco partner.