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Schüco Sliding doors - space-saving and space-efficient

Sunshine and fresh air: in hot weather, don't you often wish you could open up your living space with just a few turns of a handle? Schüco can help you realise this dream - through highly technically advanced sliding and folding door systems. All our windows and doors offer space-saving design, because the door leaf opens parallel to the static pane, instead of opening into the room, and their large size allows for plenty of light.

Easy access, quiet and energy efficient
Aluminium doors for sliding and folding create rooms flooded with light and attractive views as well as setting accents. Their space-saving design allows new, spacious room concepts with an improved standard of living to be created. All folding/sliding constructions are impressively smooth and easy to handle. This makes them ideal for universal use in private homes.

Silent, smooth operation
Schüco lift-and-slide doors are almost silent in operation and child's play to use. With folding/sliding doors, you open complete glass walls almost fully, whilst the tilt/slide doors combine the benefits of sliding windows and turn/tilt windows: the door units ?float? on ball-bearing rollers and are very easy to operate and can also be tilted. Select the optimum solution for you from the wide range of window door, sliding and folding/sliding door systems. All systems offer great design combined with perfect functionality.

Slide to save energy
Schüco sliding doors offer a high level of comfort in your home by maintaining a constant, agreeable room climate; it also saves valuable energy and reduces high costs. With the insulated series of Schüco sliding systems, the heat stays outside and the cost of air conditioning can therefore be considerably reduced. The benefit for you: Schüco systems are compatible with one another, resulting in an harmonious overall appearance of windows, front doors and sliding doors.

Energy efficiency - reducing energy costs

Your energy consumption does not need to increase exponentially - either in summer or winter.

Schüco sliding doors have excellent insulation. Suitable glazing and high quality materials protect you from spiralling heating and air conditioning costs.

High level of comfort, low energy costs

Thermal insulation is especially important in the case of large-scale constructions. This means a high level of comfort at home thanks to a pleasant and constant room temperature. You also save valuable energy and reduce high costs - in both summer and winter. Whether it's hot or cold outside, you can considerably lower your heating and air conditioning costs. Optimum comfort and enormous potential for saving energy - a perfect match.

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