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Office and Business
Torre Telefonica

Torre Telefónica Diagonal ZeroZero built by the real-estate
developer El Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona,
creates a new accent in the Barcelona skyline.

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Torre Telefonica, Barcelona/Spain

Hogeschool INHolland, Delft/Netherlands

Education and Culture
Hogeschool INHolland, Netherlands

The distinctive design of the slanted volumes of the university
building INHolland in Delft designed by Rietveld Architects, New York,
resulted from extremely precise detailing.

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Clinic Chemnitz/Germany

Clinic Chemnitz

Easy to realize with Schüco systems FW 50+ und AWS 70.HI:
Facade kooking trancparent at the Clinic Chemnitz.

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Hotel Porta Fira, L´Hospitalet de Llobregat/Spain

Hotel Porta Fira

The impressive red skyscraper housing the Porta Fira
hotel complex is the gateway to the new L’Hospitalet
de Llobregat fairgrounds.

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Office and Business

Education and Culture



People and Architecture

The multi-functionality of the façade solutions available today means that the offices of tomorrow will be architecturally sophisticated as well.

Cultural buildings present a particular challenge for architects. New, trailblazing façade
concepts make a statement here.

Health calls for an holistic approach. The building envelope must be an integral part of the overall concept from the outset.

The way one lives is forever an expression of one’s own personality. architects and clients must work more closely together than on residential projects.

Our world is undergoing change. The rising prosperity of a growing number of people is leading to consumption of our resources advancing in leaps and bounds.

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Windows, doors or Façades - Schüco has a lot of references, which inspire. All over the world, presented at one central place. The new app show references at its best and offers a lot of features, which make daily busuiness easier:

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