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CTB solar shading

Schüco Solar Shading CTB is the first high-performance solar shading that can be fully integrated into the façade and offers exceptionally high wind stability.

The special shape of the louvre blades allows maximum solar shading and also the ideal level of transparency for views to the outside. Schüco Solar Shading CTB (Concealed Toughened Blind) is external solar shading that provides exceptionally high wind stability. This electrically-operated roll-up blind is made from aluminium profiles, provides a view to the outside and also guarantees the best possible protection from the heat. The anodised louvre blades are available in 6 anodised colours and provide a uniform profile face width on the outside. The fine louvre blade geometry achieves a particular façade appearance, creating a distinctive design feature. The numerous installation options and perfect integration into Schüco window and façade systems guarantee design confidence from the start.

2D/3D Views

Product benefits

  • Can be used as an integrated solution in the Schüco E² Façade, Schüco Façade SFC 85, the Schüco FW 50+ and FW 60+ façades, the Schüco Modernisation Façade ERC 50 and as a façademounted solution in front of Schüco FW 50+ und FW 60+ façades
  • Can be used as an add-on solution on the Schüco AWS window system, in the Schüco Sliding Shutters ALB 10 SF and in the solar shading layer of the Schüco 2° System
  • Complete shading provides protection from heat in summer when the sun is at an angle of 20°or higher
  • Wind stability up to 30 m/s guarantees solar shading even on windy, sunny days and on tall buildings
  • The blade contour is convex on the outside and concave on the inside, this improves the view from the inside to the outside and makes it difficult to look inside from the outside
  • The low degree of gloss of the surface finish prevents glare inside and outside and, together with the innovative blade contour, makes it possible to exploit a large amount of diffuse daylight