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Schüco Conservatory CMC 50

The Schüco Conservatory System CMC 50 is setting standards in energy efficiency and design freedom

The Schüco Conservatory System CMC 50 is part of a system module range based on the Schüco Façade
SMC 50 system. The reduced number of components and the high level of prefabrication of the modules (rafters)
considerably reduce fabrication times and therefore the overall costs. Outstanding thermal insulation
guarantees excellent energy savings.

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Product benefits

  • Attractive, elegant conservatory construction due to the 50 mm face width of roof profiles
  • Outstanding thermal insulation due to the low Uf values of eaves and rafters
  • Optimised system quality and reliability due to the high level of prefabrication

Fabrication benefits

  • Modular construction of roof profiles and eaves with a minimum number of individual components
  • All common conservatory types can be constructed, including hip roofs
  • Flexible construction options through: 2 eaves and rafter combinations, 2 guttering types, 2 construction heights (125 and 105 mm) for rafter profiles with multiple reinforcement options