International change
St. Petersburg, Russia


Building category: Office and Business
Products: Windows, Façades
Series: FW 50+
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Finishing: 2011
Architects: D3A spol.s r.o (Co.Ltd.), Prag
Specialist: -
Object details

The multifunctional AIRPORTCITY complex in St. Petersburg, a landmark visible for miles around, has an expressive, striking external appearance. The four slightly contoured high-rise structures are fanned out over an elongated base construction with generous glazing. They are clearly distinguished by their façades. The two towers on the left are brilliant white in colour and have a façade with almost randomly scattered punched openings, which conveys a sense of security and protection. These are the hotel buildings, which face inwards. They are fully equipped for a comfortable stay with 11 conference rooms, 294 rooms and wellness areas.
The other two towers are very different. Their all-glass twin-wall façades convey openness, transparency and a willingness to communicate. This is where the office space is situated. All of the buildings were developed on the principle of sustainability, and equipped with the necessary building technology and specific façade solutions.